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I recently wrote my first article for an international fashion blog called Fashion Global. For more articles written by fashion bloggers from all around the world, feel free to visit the site here. So here is my contribution, I hope you enjoy it!

J’ai récemment écrit mon premier article (malheureusement en anglais) pour un blog international de mode qui s’appel Fashion Global. Pour plus d’articles écrits par des bloggeuses de mode du monde entier, vous pouvez visiter le site ici. Alors voici ma contribution, j’espère que vous allez aimer!

Is it because they’re so versatile and can complete almost any outfit? Or maybe because they’re so easy to grab and throw on whenever you’re in a rush? Might it just be the fact that they are so beautiful? The fact is, fashionistas from around the world have fallen in love with black ankle boots and so have I.
Whether plain or embellished, suede or leather, high-heeled or flat, the LBB can be worn throughout the year. I especially love wearing them during autumn. But when winter arrives, they still somehow manage to creep in my outfits, even though calf or over the knee boots would be a much wiser choice for the cold European winter months. I strongly believe that there’s a pair of LBB’s to suit each and every person’s taste.
So here’s a round-up of the five most common types of LBB.
1. Stiletto: If you love wearing heels and always strive for elegance, the stiletto LBB is the one for you.

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

This pair of rhinestone embellished Valentino LBB’s or the fur-trimmed Kate Spade design can easily be worn with a dress/skirt or trousers. They will make the look more refined than any of the other LBB’s while still bringing a certain edge to the outfit.
2. Cowboy: If you prefer a more casual or even rural look, you should choose the cowboy LBB.

Image 3.jpgImage 4.jpeg

These LBB’s found on New Look and the now famous Acne Pistol boots which work perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans. For the total Wild-West look, pair them with cut-offs and a simple T-shirt. Wear them in the desert or when visiting the Grand Canyon to follow in the footsteps of your favourite fashion bloggers.
3. Studded : If the plain LBB is too simple and you want to be a bit bolder, studded is the way forward.

Image 5.jpgImage 6.jpg

Chloe’s Susanna and Louboutin’s Ariella LBB’s can’t be worn by just anyone. The person wearing them has to be confident enough to make a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to pair them with other interesting items to show the world that you don’t just wear clothes because you have to, but that you think about what makes you look and feel good. What makes you, you.
4. Biker : If you’re looking for comfortable yet trendy, look no further than the Biker.

Image 7.JPGImage 8.jpg

Biker boots are a definite must-have this season. Wear them with black jeans, a printed T-shirt and a leather jacket for a total rock chick look. Or bring an otherwise romantic outfit up to date by adding this unexpected rough touch. They can also be worn with a simple everyday outfit as they’re usually super comfortable and trendy.
5. Chelsea boots: Do you want elegance without forsaking comfort? You need some Chelsea boots.

Image 9.jpgImage 10.jpg

Another one of this season’s staples:  Chelsea boots are based on the jodhpur boot which are used for horse riding, so they are extremely comfortable.  The broad elastic makes for a snug fit and their classic, elegant shape means they can be worn with almost anything and still retain their class.

Now that you have determined which LBB best complements your style, go get yourself a pair and don’t be afraid to experiment and add them to different looks. Be adventurous with this classic that’s here to stay!