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Choosing a dog to suit your style

As we all know, style is a very personal thing as is a love for animals. Some people can’t live with them and others (including me) can’t live without them. If you’re like me, your dog is an integral part of your image. When you decide the time is right for you to buy a puppy, it’s important to choose the right breed, not only to fit your fashion style, but especially your lifestyle. Of course you can go for a Chihuahua, which is a very fashionable breed right now, but did you know that many of them have quite a nasty character? So here’s a list of alternative breeds which are both well behaved and beautiful.

Chinese Crested

chinese-crested-dog_03_lgThe Chinese Crested is a small breed of dog which exists in two varieties: naked and powder puff. The naked version has a very quirky look, with hair on their heads, paws and tail, while the powder puff looks a bit more conventional, with fluff all over. A Chinese Crested is perfect for someone who wants a quirky and stylish little dog that doesn’t require much exercise, but enjoys spending time grooming their pup as these dogs need special grooming. They are also very sensitive to heat and cold, so there’s ample scope for dressing up!

Jack Russel Terrier


It’s easy to express the essence of a Jack Russel Terrier: a big dog in a small dog’s body. This means that these little bundles of energy need some exercise and require at least basic training to make sure they don’t run away and even then, you can’t be sure they won’t go after a rabbit once their natural instinct kicks in. A jack russel is perfect for someone who has a strong personality and style, who doesn’t mind providing adequate mental stimulation, but doesn’t necessarily want to spend hours grooming their companion before going out.

Afghan hound


The Afghan Hound is a beautifully elegant and sophisticated dog, although not the most intelligent. An Afghan owner should be prepared for a lot of grooming to keep their beautiful long coats healthy and shiny. Having been bred for racing, they do need to run a lot, off leash, if possible. I would recommend an afghan hound to a very stylish lady who is always chic and elegant. If well groomed, an afghan will never make you look bad and may even upstage you with their grace and elegance!

Greyhounds and whippets


Greyhounds are well known for their speed and whippets are often thought to be a miniature version of these iconic dogs, but strictly speaking, they’re a completely separate breed. These dogs don’t need much grooming, but do look extremely good with broad, richly decorated collars. They do need some exercise, but you should keep in mind how delicate they can be. A greyhound is perfect for someone who wants to add timeless vintage glam and elegance to their looks, but doesn’t mind going out every once in a while to let their pup have a nice run around. If you want all of the above, but don’t have space for a big dog, a whippet is the perfect alternative. Both these breeds can be quite nervous, especially around strangers, but once you win their affection, they make very devoted companions.



Like the previous breeds, Salukis are also elegant dogs, but they are much more relaxed around people and thrive in the country as well as the city. A saluki is best adapted to someone who likes the elegance of a greyhound, but prefers longer hair and more opportunity for grooming. A saluki will also require a bit of exercise, but not as much as a greyhound.